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Projection Plus - Only from MIDGI


This proprietary program was written to assist hospitals, physician practices, imaging centers and investment minded entities, with projecting results for a prospective imaging business that they might be considering. This program will facilitate the smallest to the largest projects, from one device to a large multi-modality center. Projection Plus leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the many variables and needs of being in the imaging business. It will assist you in making the lease vs. purchase decision, evaluating investment returns, new vs. used equipment, build vs. renovate and on and on......


Projection Plus provides the following outputs to assist you with your decision:s


bullet 5 Year Proforma Analysis
bullet Lease vs. Purchase Comparison
bullet Analysis of Lease vs. Financing
bullet New vs. Used Comparison
bullet Variable Cost of Capital
bullet Staffing Needs
bullet Benefits
bullet Projected Salaries
bullet Professional & Clerical Staff Needed
bullet Partial Staffing Costs for Shared Employees
bullet Start up Costs and Cash Needed
bullet Breakeven by Center & Modality
bullet Cash Flow Analysis
bullet Return on Invested Capital
bullet E.B.D.I.T.A.
bullet Projected Available Volumes
bullet Manual Volume Entry
bullet Tax Liability
bullet Depreciation - Variable by Situation
bullet Interest Expense
bullet Variable Expenses
bullet Fixed Expenses
bullet Space Needed
bullet Projected Build-out Costs
bullet Variable Space Lease Rates
bullet Insurance
bullet Utilities
bullet Breakdown of Unit of Service (UOS) by:
bullet Staffing Cost
bullet Supply Cost
bullet Space Cost
bullet Equipment Cost
bullet Furniture Needed & Cost
bullet Reimbursements by Payor Class - Variable by Situation
bullet Film, Contrast, and Other Supplies
bullet Supplies by Modality
bullet Projected Balance Sheet
bullet Validates Quantity of Each Modality
bullet Service Costs
bullet X-Ray Tube Costs
bullet Manufacturer vs. 3rd Party Service
bullet Variable Competition Assumptions
bullet Variable Managed Care Levels


MIDGI's Projection Plus, is an integral part of our business offering to assist our customers in every aspect of purchasing medical imaging equipment: from the earliest decision process, to equipment selection and implementation, space utilization and build-out, financing, and teleradiology. We are committed to working with you at every step of the way and delivering the highest quality products and services in the industry.


Please contact us today to learn more about this program and how it can assist you with the decisions that lie ahead.


PLEASE NOTE: Projection Plus was written, and is managed, by an independent healthcare consulting firm. Through a unique relationship with MIDGI, they have offered us exclusive rights to use this system as an integral part of our business. Outputs provided from this tool are independent in nature and are supported by the authors of the program as well as industry norms.